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Translation of Nanotechnology in Cancer

The NCI has initiated a public-private industry partnership called Translation of Nanotechnology in Cancer (TONIC) to accelerate the translation and development of nanotechnology solutions for the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. The TONIC consortium, made up of government entities, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other healthcare-related companies, will work in parallel to the Alliance. The consortium seeks to evaluate promising nanotechnology platforms and facilitate their successful translation from academic research to the clinic, resulting in safe, timely, effective, and novel diagnosis and treatment options for patients.

By encouraging mutual collaborations between Alliance investigators and industry partners on both pre-competitive and late-stage programs, TONIC stands to promote the qualification, development, and regulatory acceptance of nanotechnologies in cancer.

Interested parties should contact the OCNR point-of-contact to learn more about participating in TONIC.

Read the Federal Registry announcement