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Alliance in Action

Launched in 2004, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer (Alliance) advanced a number of promising nanotechnologies for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer in its first ten years. This progress led NCI to announce in September 2015 its continued support of this program with the award of five-year, multi-institution grants to generate new preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to cancer in areas where improvements cannot be realized using existing technologies. The next five years of the program aim to:

  • rapidly advance new nanotechnology discoveries and speed their transformation into cancer-relevant applications in clinical practice
  • aid nanoparticle characterization and standardization of characterization methods to enable technology transfer from university laboratories to companies that bring these technologies to patients
  • develop the next-generation of cancer researchers in the area of nanotechnology

The Alliance focuses on development and translation of nanotechnology-based techniques and tools for:

  • early-disease diagnosis and monitoring of disease using in vitro (laboratory) assays and devices, and in vivo (live) imaging techniques
  • multifunctional therapeutic solutions
  • techniques for cancer prevention and control

Regardless of their specific area of focus, the Alliance investigators are encouraged to concentrate their efforts on the following tumor types where the disease is characterized by low survival rates: brain, lung, ovary, and pancreas.

The Alliance's programs foster innovation and collaboration among researchers within and between institutions, as well as across scientific disciplines.

Alliance Programs

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Alliance program accomplishments have resulted in a significant flow of publications in the scientific literature and products approaching human clinical trials. Read detailed information on the Alliance members' accomplishments »

Event Listing
By engaging with researchers in different disciplines, Alliance members are able to share their advances in cancer research and identify new and diverse partners for future collaborations. See where Alliance members are participating in upcoming meetings and events »

News and Highlights
Stay up to date on what is new within the Alliance and in the field of nanotechnology. Read the latest Alliance news coverage »

Published Research
Access articles published in the scientific literature related to nanotechnology and advances in cancer research and care. View Alliance published research »