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Cancer Nanotechnology Plan 2015

CaNano PlanSince the beginning of the program, the field of cancer nanotechnology has continually evolved and matured. Recognizing this constant evolution, we publish the Cancer Nanotechnology Plan (CaNanoPlan) 2015, now in its third iteration, to acknowledge these changes and to attempt charting the path forward, for this dynamic field. Some key points noted in this third version is it's larger emphasis on clinical translation and several 'spin-off' disciplines in the field that developed since the last iteration. Although, the collective focus has remained on one thing; a decrease in societal cancer-related morbidity / mortality of multiple tumor types via nanotechnology. The authors of this publicly available free book include clinicians and researchers from the academic, industrial and government sectors who are leaders in their respective fields. Chapters within the CaNanoPlan 2015 present the current status of development, highlight opportunities for growth, identify clinical applications for the technologies, and outline goals for the next three to ten years. Please download the CaNanoPlan from the links below.

Read the CaNanoPlan 2015 as Complete Document (file is large!)

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