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A major goal of the NCI is to integrate research infrastructures and catalyze cross-disciplinary collaborations to take on large problems in human cancer research and technology development that cannot be addressed by individual investigators. Developing and translating biomedical nanotechnologies for clinical application for cancer and other devastating diseases is one such effort. The Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer integrates the capacities of centers, partnerships, training programs, and consortia to increase the pace of technology development and clinical application in the fight against cancer.

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Map  of All Centers

NCI Cancer Centers

The NCI invests significant resources into developing and supporting a national cancer research infrastructure. The NCI Cancer Centers Program supports major academic and research institutions throughout the United States to sustain broad-based, coordinated, interdisciplinary programs in cancer research. The Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer works with the NCI Cancer Centers to leverage resources for technology development and accelerate translation of new tools for clinical use.

NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer Programs

DOE Nanoscale Science Research Centers

The U.S. Department of Energy is currently building Nanoscale Science Research Centers in coordination with five of its national laboratories across the United States to function as research user facilities.

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The map above includes all of the centers, partnerships, and consortia represented together.